Monday, October 22, 2007

Too Kewl for Skool

I fully realize that I am not the coolest prof in the academy, but sometimes it's just more embarrassing that others.

Like today, during my student group meeting. I am not used to the vibrate setting of my cell phone. So when it went off, I responded with a full body spasm. Arms and legs shot out from my chair. The students were shocked at such a physical motion and somewhat appalled at the reason. The peals of laughter were broken only by comments such as "I thought she saw a snake!"

I was so shaken by the vibrating that I couldn't even remember how to answer the phone to take a message completely relevant to the meeting.

It was pathetic. And pretty funny.

Conor's new phrase I will forget and he will soon grow out of is "I must be thirsty." He learned this when I would pick him up from school and give him a big glass of water that he would suck down. I would say "You must be thirsty!" Now when he IS thirsty (or hungry) he will say "I must be thirsty!"

It's pretty cute.

Almost as cute as his new HAIRCUT! Dave took him in on Saturday and they cut off all his curls. ALL of his curls. It's cute. But...... he looks like all the other kids now. And half of the things that look like me are now gone. (The other thing is his chin and we can't cut that off) Conor looks exactly like Dave. His toes are Dave's toes. His KNEES are Dave's knees. His shoulders are Dave's shoulders and his eyes are Dave's. I had the chin and the curls. And now I just have the chin. Yes, he's adorably cute. But I really miss his curls.

Yes, I will be posting a picutre. Hopefully the next post. Still. I miss his curls.


Carroll said...

Noooooooo, not the CURLS!!!!

If it's any consolation, Anita, he may choose to grow them back when you least expect it. I have a picture of our younger son that I intend to use to mortify him in front of his own children someday. He was in college -- no haircut since graduation from high school -- hair like Conor's. Man, that kid grew an AFRO!

But still. That first cut when the curls are gone...pain in the heart, for sure :-(

OneTiredEma said...

Oh, no curls???

I still have not been able to bring myself to have Miss M's hair trimmed for fear that the curls will somehow not recover. The boy, whose hair is slow to grow at best, will probably have a haircut before she does.

Vanity thy name is one tired ema.