Thursday, October 04, 2007

Not Really an Issue

After working myself up into a frenzy about why Conor's teachers thought that his (suspected) introversion was a problem and how I was going to have to defend him from these oversensitive folks, I had a talk with the inclusion specialist.

Fortunately, this happened during the dreaded "circle time" that Conor supposedly wouldn't interact in and was very odd. I arrived early one afternoon and they were reading a book. So I got to observe, firsthand and alongside the inclusion specialist, what Conor actually does.

Well! First of all, several of the kids weren't really interacting in circle. And two had to be repeatedly told to stop bugging the others. (Conor was being incredibly well behaved at this point). Indeed, Conor was perfectly normal if a bit quiet. He didn't shout out the answers, but you could see him mouthing them. It seemed typical to me and Conor seemed engaged and well-behaved.

After they finished, the inclusion specialist and I talked for a few moments. I asked if she knew about introversion/extroversion and she did not. (It's usually not associated with children) I explained that things may be a bit stimulating for Conor and he may need some more time and perhaps this was the issue in circle time. She stopped me: I don't think there's an issue.

I was happily stunned by her response. Then why were the teachers so hyper about this?? She must have said something to them because since then, all the teachers talk about is how great he's doing in circle time and how much he loves to talk and how well he's playing with the other kids.

I continue to be annoyed. But I am also relieved that we don't have to pursue this any more.

And I know one is not supposed to automatically think one's child is the best in everything (or risk the sniggering from others), but can I tell you how well Conor is doing in the badmitton/softball/soccer/golf we have to play every night. The child is hitting the nerf softball with his nerf softball bat. I am so not kidding that last night he hit 4 in a row when Dave pitched to him. (I am not a good pitcher; I look at him instead of the the strike zone and I often bonk him in the head). He's three years old and he has more eye hand coordination than I do!

I would also like to take this moment to complain about how busy I am. Last year, when I was submitting 6 publications in my final pretenure push, I told Dave I wasn't going to work like this anymore. However, I have already worked every Sunday this semester and 2 or 3 Saturdays. I'm also working a few nights during the week.

I am not amused by this. I really don't know when it's going to change though.

Ok. I just remembered some additional work I need to immediately do. It still causes me to get very anxious.


Rachel said...

I am very glad Conor the inclusion specialist thinks Conor is fine. I hope the teachers apologized for making you worry. Of course, I guess I would rather have them be over cautious about an issue instead of ignoring a problem completely.

Try not to work too hard!

monica said...

My almost 3yo daughter was unhappy at her new school. Every morning "My belly hurts", "don't leave me". I showed up a few times and saw her slumping at circle time. There are 14-28 children during circle time. When I asked her about why she didn't like school (It was a Montessori) she said "I'm scared of the teachers." I spoke to them about this and they thought it was funny. I took leave from my job and pulled her out the next day to look for another school. She loves her new school (youngest in her class, since you must be totally toilet trained). She even writes her name on her work. Upside-down and out of order - but still. She's not good at sports (I'm good at sports). Let's be real - Do you like circle time if they are talking about something you're not interested in?

Anonymous said...

can you please tell me a way to e-mail you? i don't see it on your site. thanks.

Anita said...

Here's my email. First, convert all the @s in my name to a. And then, change the "at" to an @.

@nit@bl@nch@rd at

don't want the spammers to get ahold of this! :-)