Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Damn Bunnies

First of all, the laptop has been dead for the last month or so. So I'd like to conveniently use that as my excuses for not posting.

Then again, I am FREAKIN' busy this semester. Holy COW, I am working hard. It's not nearly as stressful as last year's Oct 1 to Jan 15 with 4 days off, but still. I'm busy. (4 days off including Christmas day and New Year's day)

There are several thoughts I want to share with you because even if I'm not blogging, you are near to my heart.

First, fat in one's diet is not bad. There is no scientific research that backs the claim that low fat diets reduce heart disease. None. It's a scientific fallacy. We had zucchini fritters for dinner tonight.

Second, Flower Whiskers died. I must admit that when I learned about this, I quickly and with a shocked mind told Dave. Nonetheless, I quickly mocked it. I am in the minority.

Third, we have planted our fall garden, the first time we've done that since we've lived here. I was THRILLED to see a lettuce crop growing. Fresh lettuce in the fall!??! Who could be so lucky? Apparently, the g-ddammed bunnies could. They ate all of our lettuce and were working their way through the cauliflower, broccoli and brussel sprouts, too. I have since been adding hair and some smelly egg stuff. And I've been moving the plastic owl around. So far, no more nibbles.

Nonetheless, I am surprised about how much I hate these bunnies. Bunnies. Bunnies!! Who woudda thunk bunnies are bad. Me apparently.

Ok. Pushing Daisies is on. And I want to watch it. Did you watch Dr. Who this season? It was really, really good.

And now you're caught up with my life.


Anonymous said...

Fat is not bad. Amen. Amen. Amen.

It sure don't give you cavities.

I figure if it doesn't encourage bacterial growth anywhere in the GI tract, it can't be bad. The more saturated, the better. Saturated fat doesn't oxidize and go rancid which really really can't be terribly good for anyone. Yuk.

All this whole grain baloney: did it ever occur to anyone that probably there are a lot of people around who are not digesting all this stuff too well? Maybe the huge amounts of bacterial growth encouraged by the consumption of all this grain isn't good for the human body? Since it's not even good for cattle or horses or donkeys, then how could it possibly be good for us? (I think there's just a lot of subsidized grain glutting up everywhere which is why people have been urged to 'eat, eat, eat'.)


Carroll said...

Two things.

Pushing Daisies. Can that be our secret little guilty pleasure, Anita? It reminds me a lot of the show "Ed" (spinoff from "Providence" of a few years back) in the "quirky and innocent" department, with an interesting dose of clever dialogue, totally off-the wall characters and plotlines, no redeeming intellectual value whatsoever...and so far, I love it!

In addition, I would like to suggest for your nutritional consideration that since most forms of chocolate contain some fat, and since chocolate has been firmly established to be in the fruits and vegetables (it comes from beans, they grow on trees -- I rest my case!) family, it's practically the perfect food. Five servings a day, minimum!!

Good luck with your current workload, Kiddo. January is just around the corner :-)