Saturday, October 20, 2007

Charlotte Home Companion

Blogging on a Saturday morning.....Sad because there are a 1000 other things do to and that any reader still out there (!) is likely doing them.

Still, I have to blog today because I have to brag. We're going to Prarie Home Companion tonight in Charlotte. Woohoo!! We were online and on the phone the minute the tickets went on sale and got great seats before it sold out. I think it sold out in less than 10 minutes? I'm not sure. In any case, we got 'em and we're going. Listen for our greeting tonight on the air! (It will be directed to our babysitter!)

I would also like to report that my flossing experiment has paid off. Not only have we FINALLY used up one box o' floss, but my dentist visit this week was the best one in my life. The poked around for only a few minutes before they deemed my teeth ready to polish. (Usually, there's a great deal of poking and scraping before we get to the polishing) We still have a lot of floss to use and I have no intention of stopping my two-a-day flossing exercises.

Ok. Now I must go do the things I should do on a Saturday morning. Then I'll get to do the things we don't normally get to do here in Charlotte on a Saturday night. Be sure and look for me on the radio. I'll be waving at you!

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Carroll said...

(Waving back, from California, on my boring Saturday afternoon procrastination break :)

Have a great time on the radio!