Thursday, July 05, 2007

This and That

I slept for 11 hours last night. You'd think that I'd awaken bright eyed and busytailed and ready to take on the world. You'd think wrong. I don't know why I am so tired, but I am.

Nonetheless, check out this surprise in the local paper. We thought the story would run on Father's Day, but it didn't. Also, the online version does not have the ADORABLE picture of Conor giving Dave a huge smooch. It's truly a precious picture!!! Still, Conor has been in the press more than the average 3 year old, I have to say. And it's high time Dave gets public credit for being the amazing father that he is!

We're still working on the potty training. Conor is doing really, really well, but still doesn't want to poopie on the potty. I have to say, though, that I can tell when he really needs to go, especially when he runs towards the bathroom cupping his hands over his front and back end private parts. He can say he doesn't want to/need to go poopie on the pottie, but I can tell he does. (It's awfully cute, in a potty training sort of way)

Ok. I'm off to make a stew. Yes, it's too hot, but the meat was on sale.

I'm behind on starting that, like I'm behind on everything. Ptooey.


Anonymous said...

Is it possible that you have a sleep disorder? It sounds like you are not getting sufficient restorative sleep. Have you considered having a sleep study done? Can you get one where you live? (some people can't) There could be all sorts of reasons for why a person can't get quality sleep. Many of these impediments can be resolved quite simply. Also what about thyroid function? A rather large percentage of women begin to secrete insufficient amounts of thryoid hormone as they get 'older'........... If you are very active during the day, then really you should be getting good sleep because you are physically tired.


Karen said...

Yes! We were so surprised to open the paper and see Dave and Conor in there! And what a great photo.