Wednesday, July 25, 2007

One Thing Leads to Another

So we've been busy over here at the Mother Thing household recently, doing "things" behind the scenes. You may recall that last year, Dave and I did a small remodel on the "master" bathroom. Basically, we painted, bought some new shower curtains and hung a lovely over the toilet medicine cabinet. It was very pretty, as I have to say is evident in this picture.

However, we still had the ugly cheap vanity from one or two owners ago. But we figured we could live with that.

More importantly, though, we did NOT replace the bathtub determining that it would be too expensive. Why replace the bathtub? Well, just take a look.

And that picture only hints at the lovely green seafoam tiles that were also beginning to lose their white expoxy coating. Yes, the bathroom looked nice until one opened the shower curtain and saw the hideous green and pink colors the original owners put there. Because they were 1) cheap and 2) color blind. The screams from our guests who used this bathroom were deafening. And somewhat amusing because the bathroom looked so nice from the outside.

Hating this tub with a passion and knowing that if we ever sold it, buyers would demand a boatload of money off the asking price, we did a full bathroom remodel last month.

Yes, I do mean full. We hired contractors to gut the room and take away that hideous tub and tile wall. Then we installed a new tub, subway tiling on the walls, and a transparent door on the bathtub, a trick we learned from This Old House to make a small bathroom look bigger. (There is no longer a curtain to stop the line-of-sight, dontcha know).

We also got a new toilet and vanity with enough storage that I have moved out of the Bathroom formerly known as BUB (Butt Ugly Bathroom) and into our new Grown Up Bathroom.

Oh. My. Lord.

There is space. And light. And storage. I have a drawer to put my make up in for the first time since my last undergraduate apartment. I am so thrilled! And really, I feel like a grown up! I never realized how much influence my bathroom had on my self-image, but clearly, there's a relationship!

Of course, as part of remodeling the bathroom, we moved the futon out of the den to the office, moved my old sofa from the living room to the den and then had to buy a new sofa for the living room that just arrived yesterday. We also completely reorganized our kitchen cabinets as a convoluted outcome of the bathroom remodel.

So I guess chaos theory in our case means "If a butterfly flaps its wings in our bathroom, I will get a new sofa."

Oh, and IVF is back on the table. More about that later.


Carroll said...

Wow, beautiful re-do, Anita. Congratulations on having a grow-up bathroom space all to yourself.

And, the kitchen cabinets thing? I *totally* understand! Just the other day I leaned down to wipe some dog hair off the bottom shelf of a floor-level cupboard in the kitchen, and suddenly found myself sorting out piles of stuff in the laundry room and re-labeling storage containers in the garage. Perfectly logical!

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Great job!


Piratewench said...

Congratulations on your grown up about that

Anonymous said...

Cool. I like the butterflies in the bathroom. :)

So give us more on the IVF business. What is it that prevents the normal pregnancy process? What will make the IVF work by comparison? How about buying an egg? (for example) Is it eggs that are a problem or is it the uterus? You gotta know where the issues lie because otherwise you may be trying out an inappropriate treatment modality.

just thoughts. don't get mad. discuss.


barbie2be said...

the new bath is lovely! i am addicted to HGTV and TLC and thusly know WAY too much about home repair and remodeling... as evidenced by me spending the whole of last sunday in my niece's bathtub removing old grout and caluking and replacing both.