Monday, July 16, 2007

Conor's Birthday Party

Yesterday was Conor's birthday party. I don't know how to narrate this blog except 1) the child is growing up way too fast and 2) I had a blast at it.

We were supposed to be outside and have a "wading pool" party, but a thunderstorm blew up and blew apart that plan. Fortunately, at this age, all (we think) the kids need for fun is someone else's toys. Of course, we may be entirely lame parents, but they seemed to have fun and they seemed to enjoy The Cake.

Yes, The Cake. I am most proud of The Cake I made. Indeed, see the picture below.

I made that! And I'm not crafty at all!! It's supposed to be a Curious George cake, if you must ask. But nonetheless, it's at least a good monkey! I used a Wilton Animal Crackers Cake Pan and moved the bear's ears to make a monkey. (Cake evolution theory at its finest)

Have I told you of Conor's love of Curious George? That every night we have to tell him stories about Conor and Curious George? And they have to begin with "Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Conor who had pretty curly hair" and then quickly move on to how he and Curious George went golfing, played at the beach or built a tree house? Conor's cousin speaks daily about how he and Conor had fun when they visited over Thanksgiving. And our poor son is obsessed with a cartoon creatue.
In any case, it helped us figure out this year's birthday theme.
Not everyone in the house is a fan o' CG. I love how Patches is trying to tattletale on this toy (Curious George on a firetruck).


Rachel said...

I love the cake! I knew it was Curious George without the prompt.

Carroll said...

Awesome cake, Anita! But, three? How the heck did Conor get to be THREE??!!

Piratewench said...

Conor is looking so handsome and so grown up.

carol said...

Love the cake! It's an easily recognizable CG.

AND I recognize the technique from the one (yes, only one) time I used it for a birthday cake for Jennifer (or was it Lisa?) lo these many years ago. (Yes, they grow up fast.)

Anyway, if memory serves, I made a Mickey Mouse and EVERY BIT of the frosting was squeezed on a smidgen at a time. Am I right?

Congratulations on your patience!