Thursday, July 19, 2007

Harry Potter

I have no spoilers and I will blog no spoilers.

Nonetheless, I am VERY EXCITED to receive our Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book on Saturday. I'm honestly thinking about Harry et al a great deal lately. I just finished book 6 again, and have redigested the shock that that books ending.

One, I think that Snape is not nearly as bad as we think he is (although he does suck loudly right now). I also think we are going to find a previously unknown relationship of Snape to Lilly Potter that will explain a great deal.

Two, I don't think Harry is going to die. That's just too mean for what is still essentially a children's book. Remember, Harry ain't Tony Soprano.

Three, I anticipate rereading the whole series of books at least one more time in the next few years. Rereading them does highlight some of the flaws. But then it also shows JK Rowling's genius on occasion, too.

And I'm sure few of you out there were watching Dr. Who last Friday night and got all the references to the Harry Potter series. You just cannot possibly be as geeky as we are. Nonetheless, the witches looked like dementors. And Expeliarmus was the final word that sent the witches back to their own universe. Dave and I thought that was hysterical.

After I finish the book, I'll post it on the blog so that others who want to discuss it but don't want to be a spoiler can email and we can rant and rave about everything that happened.

I can't wait!


Cary said...

I still need to finish Book 6. I made it half way through and then got distracted with all the stuff a 2 year old brings with it. Now that Jed is older, I'm now finding time to read. Book 6 is at the top of my TO-Read list.

So speaking of spoilers I didn't know how Book 6 ended until yesterday when my daughter let slip about the ending. I haven't forgiven her yet however I will still take her to the Barnes and Noble midnight party. But she had best not tell me a single solitary thing about how Book 7 ends.

barbie2be said...

i just can't wait! we don't get our books until 7:00 am tomorrow but i am thinking about going to one of the local bookstores at midnight just to be there and join the fun.

Evelin said...

Carter ordered my book and had it sent to his OFFICE ... which of course isn't open today so I won't get the book before Monday. Evening. Late.

I had the same feelings about Snape at the end of book 6, but now I'm second guessing myself. I cannot imagine Harry would die. I never would have imagined that ... of COURSE Voldemort is going to bite the bullet! It might be a rocky path that our heroes will transverse, and some will die, but not Harry.

barbie2be said...

i actually sat in a restaurant for 3.5 hours last night finishing the book. it was FANTASTIC. and that is all i am going to say about it. :)