Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well, Hey There!

I was not trying to be coy to ask for all y'all to say Hi and then leave. Honestly, I was working on two conference papers which, after working all weekend, I turned Monday morning and took the day off with my boys. Then, school was back in yesterday and it was busy.

So, yeah. How cool to meet you all! I knew of some folks and am quite flattered to hear from the others. I have to admit that I pretty surprised to see the international readers! Half of me wants to say "Hey, Canada! Do you know my friend Catherine? Tall, blonde, really pretty? Plays violin???? Toronto??" And wow to Australia and Singapore.

But oddly, no, it is not as weird as you might think to have all these people who don't know me learn about My Freakishly Large Ears (stay tuned for an exciting upcoming episode). It would be much, much weirder to think my colleagues or students had found this and learned about my ears, which among the more modest body parts I've discussed on here.

So until we get to the ears, here is a video of Conor and his Disco Duckies. I'm bummed because my video camera ate the first video of him using the ducks, so this one is not nearly as exciting. But dang, blinking ducks in a bath. It can't be all bad!

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mc said...

Ess has those same ducks, but the disco-ness is totally lost on her; all she wants to do is eat them. I'm glad Conor can appreciate it!