Monday, January 29, 2007

Hmmmmm, Something About You Seems Different......

I made a donation to Locks of Love on Saturday.

So, uh, yeah. I got a hair cut. In fact, I had quite a lot of my hair cut off this weekend. It's the shortest it's been in 20 years. And I'm glad I had enough to donate to Locks of Love, although, as Dave pointed out, what child with cancer really wants a wig of curly gray hair? How desperate must they be, indeed. But hopefully they can use it for something or someone.

It looks ok. It looked better at the salon when they were able to put all the product in it. I have most of the product, but I still can't do my hair as well as they can. (And if you're a curly girl and you say that, you know you've found the salon you'll never leave)

It is just a wee bit too short. I wanted it to be shoulder length and it's about 2 inchs above my shoulder. It was well below my bra strap before hand. It's been down to my booty before.

Honestly, I really don't think it looks all that bad. But here at work, few people have commented that they notice I've had it cut, much less that it looks good. You know that is the discrete version of "My GOD! You look like Snape with a perm!!!" (a thought I had while she was cutting my hair)

There are quite a few weird things about having short hair again.

1) I don't need to put my hair in a pony tail holder when I run. I can just be free when I'm slowing slogging all over my neighborhood. I think that actually, I'll end up wearing a bandana though because it sort of freaks me out, and if I position the bandana correctly on my head, I can hold my new MP3 earbuds in my overly sweaty and freakishly large ears.

2) I am going to use a hell of a lot less product. Already, I am using a third of the conditioner and styling goop than I used to use. I Will Save Money on my hair. As cheap as I am, I should have thought of that earlier.

3) It dries so quickly! My hair would sometimes not be dry by the time I was leaving from work. Now it's dry before I leave FOR work. Wow!

4) My husband and I can Breathe! While we Sleep!!! One thing about being Cousin Itt is that if I didn't go to sleep with my hair in a pony tail holder, one of us was bound to roll under my hair and be unable to breathe at some point in the evening. Now, we're both able to sleep in the freedom of knowing we won't suffocate under my hair.

So, there!!! I've cut my hair! It's SHORT! Not too short. But SHORT compared to how I've been for a long, long time.

Female Colleague: OH MY GOD! Your hair looks great! It's fantastic!!
Male Colleauge: Oh. Yeah. I thought I noticed something different.


Jennifer said...

As you know, I recently did the same. Cut off 22 inches of old growth.

A week or so later, just as I was really getting used to it, I happened to run into a friend.

I had just come out of the gym and had it in a ponytail (short enough to enclose entirely within my fist).

We chatted for ten minutes, caught the same bus, and rode together for another ten minutes.

Yep, she never noticed.

Redzils said...

What, no pictures?

Carroll said...



I have scrolled through twice to double check.


Kati in CA said...

Just so you know, Locks of Love can dye the grey out, just in case there are no takers for curly grey hair :-).