Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Caught in the Mist of Croup

Thank God(dess) for the weekend sick clinic and the on-call triage nurse is about all I have to say.

Clearly, that isn't all I have to say because I'm still typing. Conor came down with The Croup this weekend. (And yes, it's a real disease, not some southern made up word for funky cough) Conor has had a "croupy cough" before but this time he had the Real Deal---the Croup. There was fever, there was the bark, there was massive pain and crying for our little boy after each cough.

Because we'd dealt with a croupy cough before, I thought we could handle it. But with New Year's Eve approaching--and thus the doctor's office not open---we thought it was in our better interest to take him in to the sick clinic. Sure enough, it was The Croup and they gave him steroid shot so that he would not need to be rushed to the emergency room at 2 am the following morning. Conor responded to the shot by carrying his father in a straight arm press over his head out of the doctor's office. Actually, he just let out a silent 2 minute scream.

Thank God(dess) for the steroids though. He still had the cough, but we never got to the strider part. His voice is very gravelly though. The doc said the same thing that gives us laryngitis gives them The Croup. Apparently after steroids, children get laryngitis, too. He now sounds like a very young Bette Davis. It's a bit freaky.

But he's all better, mostly. And I'm almost out of time before school starts back. I am SO NOT READY for this semester. I did not get a break from work and I don't see a break arriving at any point until May.


More green tea for me.

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Carroll said...

Oh, poor babies! (Poor Connor, poor you!!) What a dreadful way to spend the end of your non-existent "vacation", Anita. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, but glad he's on the mend. Hang in there, Kiddo! Big hugs to you both from here!!