Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeling Her Catnip

Until now, Scarlett has always been the "lowest" animal in the house, certainly not by our standards, but in the animal kingdom. The first night Patches was here, he curiously sniffed at Savannah and Duncan and tried to eat Scarlett. Simba wasn't thrilled with Duncan but constantly chased Scarlett the house trying to beat her to a furry pulp. Patches, head collie cop, never let that happen.

Now, however, things have changed.

I really don't know what is up, but Scarlett is regularly whacking Patches on the nose. She is now taking the empty seat at the dinner table and inspecting what we're eating in case she wants any. (Aside: 1) we're not going to give it to her but 2) she looks so darn cute with her gray ears barely peeking over the table.) Nonetheless, this sends Patches into an "awwrooorrroooroooroooorroooo" frenzy of policing/being a tattle tale.

Just today, she jumped up on the kitchen island, and in full view of Dave, started licking the butter dish. Now, we know she does that, but that doesn't mean she's allowed to do it in front of us. This afternoon, when Conor and I got the mail, she made a significant try at getting out the front door.

There is shifting of the pet power around here, people. Scarlett sees an opportunity to move up the ladder and she is taking it. Simba's presence and departure still has its consequences.

We're definitely on a new world record for days with out inappropriate pee! YIPPEEE!

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Carroll said...

I remember that at one point your numbers stood at seven after Conor came along, but I've lost track of all the comings and goings in the interim. Let's see...You, Dave, Conor, Patches, Scarlett, Duncan, Savannah...so, seven still? That's quite the menagerie. Wait 'til he's old enough to want a hamster ;-)