Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Brown Nose Baby

The Mommy: Did you sleep well last night?

Adorable Toddler: I sleep well. I had dreams!

TM: What did you dream about?

AT: ((thinking hard to find the words))
((deciding that thinking hard is too hard))
((looks around for closest parent))

Mommy! ((Grabbing Mommy around the waist and giving a big hug))
I dream about Mommy!!!!

Suck up.


Carroll said...

Oh, how endearing! I can't remember ever thinking to wonder when my kids started recognizing dreams. Interesting thought.

Anita said...

We're big dreamers around here. Most mornings we all share our dreams with each other.

We've been asking Conor nearly every morning about his dreams. The good ones contain Firetrucks, Patches and Daddy. (I would imagine there are some boobs involved too, but he hasn't admitted it) The bad ones have contained a mouse and Scarlett; not in the same dream.

Piratewench said...

You know you loved it!!!!