Thursday, May 08, 2008

Still Working

Yesterday, a colleague approached me and said, "You look really good. Your skin looks beautiful. I can tell you are feeling much better."

"Thank you for noticing! I'm using some new skin products now, especially this new primer, Lorac Aquaprime, which is fantastic!! Thank you so much."

"Umm. No. It's your health. Makeup can't do that. Your skin is too smooth and bright."

Oh, OK. Sure. That's the whole point of having acid eat off the dead skin cells on my face every day and using this AMAZING new primer (much better than the Revlon one I was using) is to make my skin smootha and bright. But, sure. I am healthier than I was a few months ago. So, uh, yeah.

The eggs are looking goodish. We're in double digits. Not high double digits, but over 10. The scoop is that not all of them may be viable, but we'll see.

I'll let you know what I know when I know it.


Anonymous said...

Smooth, bright skin. Goodish eggs. Go, Anita!!


gabi said...

Consider: that hunk of infected problemmatic gut excised probably has a whole heap of positive end results on your general health. 8inches or so of chronically affected acutely infected colon gone. No doubt you are glowing. Don't discount the effect of being rid of something that could have killed you.

Now it's time for that little spud. International year of the Potato and all.