Saturday, May 10, 2008


Nothing made it through the night.

We'll be setting up a meeting at the end of the week with the RE.

I'm sad, but I'm ok. I may sound like a self-deluding moron, but I do believe the end of this path is going to be good. It's just not at a good place right now.


Anonymous said...


And such sad irony that the middle picture in your random flickr set I'm looking at right now is of your happily pregnant tummy with Conor.


Hang in there, Anita. You're right that the end point will surely be good -- you're just not quite sure right now exactly how you'll be getting there.


West Coast Diva said...

I have so been in your shoes and god it's hard. Hang in there I will be rooting for you on the sidelines. hugs - Diva

gabi said...

Anita, I didn't used to be a nutrition advocate because I figured that educated people with a decent income usually did not subsist on junkfood, so it's all fine. Recently though I read some information on topics pertaining to the digestive tract. For example, apparently 1/3 of people BY age 40 have gastric mucosa that is not fit enough to absorb the necessary nutrients. This has come as somewhat of a shock. I do know that there are many people with gradual onset nutritional deficiencies due to inability to absorb relevent nutrients. Possibly, for example, gluten can be a problem. What with your colon issues, possibly there is an underlying condition.

Relatively, seemingly asymptomatic or more likely 'life as usual' situations do result in fertility problems.

I have no idea when the last time you had some things checked. But given your history of sinus infections, etc. is there a possibility of, let's say certain mineral deficiencies? What is your ferritin level, for example? Hemoglobin can be normal, low normal, whatever, but if ferritin is low, there are problems and symptoms. If ferritin is low, there is a possibility that your zinc levels are deficient. The best dietary source of zinc is the oyster, for example. There's probably an awful lot of people who are functioning at borderline levels for some of these minerals and other nutrients, not so much because they are not consuming them, but because they are not absorbing them.

If you have trouble with gluten, let us say, then you will have trouble with fertility due to malabsorption of nutrients.

It's not only and always the cause of simple 'age' that people have difficulties with reproductive health.

There is no test for Zinc, but ferritin should give you a reasonable baseline. If your levels were checked before your surgery, and they were low, then you need to explore the situation.

The longterm gradual effects of malabsorption syndromes are not noticed by patients, sometimes for decades. Possibly, along with other factors, such as lack of Vitamin D, osteoporosis may be part and parcel of a lack of calcium absorption from the digestive tract.

Anyway, it's something to consider.

nancy said...

I'm so sorry, Anita. I wish I had more words of wisdom. I am sending all my warm thoughts through the miles.

niobe said...

Glad to hear that you're doing okay. But it still, y'know, sucks.

OneTiredEma said...


Sorry to hear--hope your "place" improves. If only your determination could carry you through!