Saturday, March 01, 2008

Well, I Didn't See That Coming

I really need to update my blog more frequently so I can blog about the things I really want to blog about and not all these WTF moments.

For example, I am falling in love with my house again: our two cherry trees are in full, massive pink bloom and along with the 40 jonquil bulbs I planted last fall signal that spring is on the way. I am very excited to be back in the yard. I even enjoyed the Ivy Killing a few weeks ago in which I did a victory dance in my war gloating in my power from pulling up 20% of the massive field of ivy beside the house. Then the next day, I could not move as nearly every muscle in my body protested. We figure the Ivy got its revenge.

And the beauty products, YES! Things are working. First, I've been using the regenerist for a couple of months and think my skin feels and looks smoother. I've also started using "Primer" (from Revlon, although the book mentions some from Sephora). This is supposed to tighten and lighten my face. You can ever wear it alone. I think it does, but the real improvement has been switching to Revlon's Age Defying make up from its Stay-all-day based foundaton. Oh, heavens, is there a difference in how fewer wrinkles there are. Yes. Definitely try that.

And the best youth producer of all is having my hair highlighted. Years and years have been taken off my appearance from that alone. I can't afford the salons, so I've found someone who s local and independent. I'm not sure she used the exact color I wanted versus she used the color that bleaching my hair came out too. Nonetheless, it looks So Much Better. (Lightening one's hair is one of the biggies for How Not to Look Old. Get the book.)

So those blogs entries have been rolling around my head looking for the right time to come out in witty and profound glory. Not throwaway paragraphs in the above. But there you go.

Dave and I have actually come up with a couple of titles for this blog. I opted for the above, but we might well have used:

Supporting the Medical Community in Charlotte

First, Conor's update. He has continued to have diarrhea off and on for about two weeks. (Conor would like to you know that is a Long Word) The school has become increasingly worried because he's been crying and not following rules. None of that is typical so after one particularly horrible morning for Conor at school, we took him to the pediatrician. Apparently, his bowel has not recovered from his first bout of diarrhea, so all that dairy in the form of milk and cheese we've been giving him has not been so good. Oopsie Daisy! We've cut back on all cheese and are giving him lactaid and remain only with a few "juicy toots" throughout the day, but not bad poopies.

I would like to point out what a good phrase "juicy toot" is. For example, "I don't give a juicy toot what you think about that" would be an excellent rejoinder. Feel free to use it on your own.

So, Conor is doing better. I, on the other hand, well, do you remember the last time I got the flu? Well, I can't find the post, but the last time I had the flu they found a sinus infection that filled 75% of my head. This time, the problem occupies a different region, although I'm sure many folks think have my head up my a$$.

Ok....the family is up and I need to finish this later.


Anonymous said...

Aiee -- it never ends! Good news that Conor's on the mend, but I'm sure sorry to hear you're not yet done with your own malaise. Although, if you still had the strength to take on that battle with the ivy, you're a heck of a lot better at least :-)

Will we soon be treated to a glimpse of your newly-lovely locks, Anita? I know you're kinda camera-averse, but maybe just from the back while you're hugging Conor or something??

And I am *so* adopting "juicy toot" as my new favorite euphemism! Thanks for sharing that one :-)


Piratewench said...

You must blog more about the beauty routine! I tried the primer and the foundation (picked it up today) and I do like the foundation. It seems to just disappear, leaving your skin look flawless and not look "make-upy." With regards to the Regenerist, which stuff are you using...that line makes a bunch of different products. I didn't buy any because I wasn't sure. I figured if I was layering a moisturizer, then primer, then foundation, I had too many products on my face...I dunno...I'm going to order the book you recommend.
Coincidentally, I had been trying to grow out my bangs and recently decided I looked too old without them, so I recut them last week. I noticed that bangs were another suggestion she makes ( reviews of the book). How much lighter did you make your hair? I love my deep brunette hair and while I might be able to go a shade or two lighter, I wouldn't want a streaked look or any kind of contrasting highlights. Yes, we need to see pics!!!