Saturday, March 08, 2008

Still Here

Howdy. I made it through the surgery and doing well for the most part. I know that I'm doing well for folks who have had this surgery. Nonetheless, it does not feel as though bunnies have recently kissed my toes. I have a largish (to me) gash through my belly button and two smaller holes near my bikini line. These are all stapled together and look horrible. (to me)

I still have my IV and they say I can finally start a liquid diet today. I haven't eaten solids since Monday. Hopefully, if I can eat solids tomorrow, they'll let me go home.

I'm off the morphine pump (awwww) so I'm in a bit more pain, but I'm more uncomfortable than incapacitated. I'm sick of this damn hospital bed and my back is all tweaked from being in it. I cannot figure out how to situate it so that my back and belly are not competing for being the most painful part of my body. I'm also having to wear electronic air massage leggings/chaps to keep me from throwing a clot while I sleep. Lovely. Honestly. Lovely.

The weird thing about my belly is that the wounds don't hurt. There are parts to this side or that that hurt. And the poor thing is bloated and hard. I had to figure out how to pee again. Seriously, it took me two or three times before I figured out what I was supposed to do! And the tooting started back last night. And being that I am related to my family, it has come back with a vengeance: I woke myself up a couple of times in the night. These are all good signs, but not really fun.

Ok. the nurse is coming back with some vicodin. Hooray


Anonymous said...

Excellent news, Anita (well, the "Still Here" part, anyway) It's very good to hear from you. Ongoing hugs from here!


Scott said...

Just checking on ya!!!
Gas? wonder where you get that from?

OneTiredEma said...

Take it slow! And take your meds :-) And I will repeat abt the metamucil (if dr says ok).


Piratewench said...

So glad to hear you'll soon have this behind you. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Hoping you're comfortably home and snuggled back in your own nest again, Anita. Ongoing good thoughts!