Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Sticker Solution

We have been slow to adopt the sticker solution. But now that we see the results, we are very happy.

Point #1: Conor has still been getting out of bed before going to sleep and standing at his door trying to get us to come back in. He does not come out of the door, but he stands there in the corner a la Blair Witch. Until The Stickers. Two nights in a row, now, we've told him that if he stays in bed after we leave, he gets to choose a Very Big Shiny Sticker to wear the next morning. And Lo and Behold, we've taken him to school with a Very Big Shiny Sticker on his shirt for the last two days.


Point #2: Easy pee-pee in the potty this morning at home followed by a fire-bear sticker.

I'll send the boy in a whole sticker suit if this solves some of our bigger problems!

How is your spring break going?


tAnYeTTa said...

LOL at Blair Witch. Wow, maybe I need to try the sticker approach too.

Anonymous said...

if i didn't stay in bed, i got cussed out and beat up. 'fear training'. sort of like growing up in boot camp. i have no idea if the sticker solution would have been a more successful incentive. sounds nice though. maybe there weren't any stickers in those days. chances are though, your kid won't sue you for abuse. i own my parents' house now. maybe they should have considered stickers when they had the chance.

Nancy said...

Sick mama, followed by a sick Alien, followed by a sicker Alien with her very first ear infection, followed by sick Daddy.

Oy! What a spring break!

OneTiredEma said...

Do you know how much I wished you lived in the next town over so we could apply some pee(r) pressure to Miss M? We have tried the sticker bribe for merely sitting on the potty, but if she has to go she won't sit on it. (If she actually goes in there, I've promised Curious! George! underpants!)