Wednesday, March 07, 2007

People Will Push You Down for That Chair

That's the exact quote from the upholstery store today, right after the woman said "That is a fantastic chair!"

Dave and I are having my Grandma's white modern, sort of deco looking chair reupholstered in exactly the same white vinyl is was orignially covered in. (There are some tears in the vinyl and the springs are a little less springy than one's bum might like)

The store owner was the first to tell us that people were going to want to buy that chair when they see it. He also said that it was very well made and he just had to do a little maintenance to let it last another 50 years or so.

It's truly a great chair. I had it with my when I lived in NYC and was desperate for it out in LA. It doesn't look like a Grandma chair, but them my Grandma rarely looked like a Grandma either. Hot pink high heels and matching purse rarely fall in the "Grandma" schema of outfits.

We can't wait to have this chair restored to its chair-y glory. And yes, I will post a picture.

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monica said...

I sold my grandmother white vinyl and chrome chairs on ebay when I was moving into my husbands apartment. I got $250 for them. Perhaps I should have took a stand and kept them.