Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Look Like a Mom

Yes, I know that I actually am a Mom, but it still freaks me out to walk by a window and see this woman of a certain age with a short sensible and maybe even cute but certainly not sexy haircut, with a Mom belly and a Mom butt in a Mom outfit with Mom sensible shoes.

I know when I became a Mom, but when did I start looking so old and Mom-ish?

Where is my other self? The one with long blond-ish hair, cute clothes, and an exercised body?



Piratewench said...

As long as you're not sporting the "mom jeans," it's all good.

Carroll said...

Are we overdue for a picture of that new haircut, Anita, or did I manage to miss it along the way?

And as for the "mom outfit", believe me...until/unless we're talking all-elastic-waist-all-the-time you've got nothin' to worry about!