Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Things are Going On Around Here

Dave has been in a home fixin' frenzy. And I, as a result, am the lucky recipient of some fancy pants things in the house. To wit: a new litter box. "Litter box?!" you say. "How fancy can that be!?" Well when the blueprint comes from This Old House, "Pretty damn fancy," would be my reply.

So check it out.

And you were thinking what? A plastic litter box!? No! This is a litter bench! And note the basket by the door. We now flip our shoes off as soon as we walk in the door and (theoretically) prevent dirt from entering. This is good because we are stunning lazy asses and never wash our floors.

And here we have a picture of the litter box in use.

As a bench! I am so sure you think I'd show a kitty doing his bidness in the box. We do love the litter bench.

And Dave has also added shelves to the cabinet in our dining room, thus turning a useless storage space into Toy Central.

(Note the pumpkin that we're still using from last Halloween). I have to say it's made the who dining/kitchen/play pen area much nicer.

And all I needed was a hot dude with a few power tools and some paint. What more could anyone ask for?!!?


Scott said...

the pumkin is now and forever has been a year round play toy

EmilyJane said...

Love the bench/kitty combo. leave it to TOH guys to be this clever and uber-functional.
And your little monkey looks bigger every time I see him! Amazing how fast they grow.

Nancy said...

I can't even see the bench because I can't take my eyes of those curls!! What a DOLL!!

Carroll said...

Anita, the hair! He has The Hair!! When our younger son left home for college, he decided not to cut his similarly curly hair until he graduated. By the time he was a senior, he had the makings of a (blonde) afro of truly astonishing proportions. Most of the time he wore it neatly pulled back and looked (in my humble and only slightly biased opinion) absolutely gorgeous. But one time when we were houseboating with a bunch of his friends, the girls sat him down and teased the thing out to its maximum magnificence. I can not WAIT to show that photo to his children someday ;)

Conor is indeed a complete doll baby. I assure you, the girls will be calling long before he hits puberty!