Monday, September 18, 2006

Kissy Kiss

Last weekend, we went the the Charlotte Greek Fest. This is a big event around Charlotte and a lot of fun---although I can't figure out why. It's a fair with some small kiddie rides and yes, there is some amaaaaaazing food, but this is a big deal in Charlotte. Everybody goes and every time I go, I have fun. I just don't understand why. (Alcohol helps, I'll be honest)

I will say it was a lot more fun this year, because of the kids. Conor rode his first carnival ride--a very simple swing that I rode with him. Then we put him and two of his best kid friends in the "helicopter ride" which sounds scary for a toddler, but was just a more stable swing with better seatbelts. The toddlers were all very safe and, as evidenced by their screams (of delight!) thrilled to ride on their own. However, we arranged them in the worst possible way with biggest toddler Conor on the inside, middle sized boy toddler in the middle and smallest girl toddler on the outside. When the ride started going around and around, guess what happened to the kids? They began to spin out on the seat until toddler girl was squished in the corner with humongo toddler Conor in the middle with lots of free space. Every time he spun past me, I shouted "Conor! Move In! Move In!!" until he finally understood my hand motions and pulled himself back to the his side of the which point he let go and squished the other children again.

It was very funny.

Apparently, toddler girl was not upset as she demonstrated later by kissing my son. Repeatedly. To much laughter from people around us. In all honesty, Conor started it and he tends to be a wee bit kissy. Nonetheless, when Toddler Girl (TG) reached up to grab a curl during their open mouth kisses, I sort of freaked out.

Conor goes to daycare with TG and the director told me last week that she heard TG's mom talking about the incident: she described how we had all gone to Greek Fest together and how they were kissing and kissing and almost making out and that the people at the other tables were laughing and how they weren't sure if they should separate them. Then she turned to the director and said "Wow! You're really red. It's really funny, isn't it. " That's when the director realized that she was talking about Conor and TG at the Greek Fest.

And not about Dave and me.

I guess Conor has to inherit it from someone!

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