Monday, September 11, 2006

Busting My Ass

You'd think that after not posting for a few days, that when I said I was busting my ass, you'd think I was just being very busy. However you'd be wrong.

Because if you'd been here this morning you would have seen me fall flat on my ass from the top of my deck to hit the bottom step exactly on my tail bone. My hands were full with my laptop and thus, nothing broke my fall but my Fat Ass.


I have a big bruise on my arm and an ugly bruise on the joint of my pinky. And my booty hurts! I can sit down ok, but leaning over or standing up is not a pleasant experience.

So let's hope this is the third (as in trouble comes in threes) embarrassing event following my pjs in the hotel lobby and the dive on hotel floor. Yes, this is different because no one saw me this time. But it was still work related.

I was commuting. ;-)

1 comment:

karen said...

This is funny. Sometimes my commuting up and down the steps has produced unexpected results. Although I have to say I've fallen much less since I've been jazzercising.