Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Boobs

My boobs really, really hurt.  In all my gazillion pregnancies, my boobs have never been this sore.  And that includes when I was breastfeeding, which for those of you who have tandem nursed, you know hurts.

If I could walk around hunched back with nothing touching my chest, it might not be so bad.  

But as that would be an awkward way to teach class (and frightening to the students, indeend), I am just going to have to continually complain and complain about how bad this things hurt.  

I know it's a "good sign", but nonetheless, it hurts.



Every pregnancy is different, for me my boobs zinged, namely my nipples. I used to wear band aids over the top as it was so painfully zingy.

Anonymous said...

And then this will lead to the milk-engorged pain! Go pain!


Scott said...


Anonymous said...

When you don't update for a few days, we worry. Is everything OK?

Nancy of Milife