Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Toe

I'm so sorry to leave you with such a vulgar title to that last post. (Although, I admit, it was pretty attention grabbing)

I have been at a conference since Saturday and only arrived home 1 hour ago. And look at how quickly I come to check in on you! See how much I care!?

Well, the "old" problem with long distance running has raised its ugly head. Or I should say it's ugly toe: I've once again lost the nail to my second toe. I had let the nail grow out to long and pretty much any run over 1 hour kills it.

It is, as we refer to it in my household, my HAMMERTOE! (Da da da da, Can't touch this! Da da da da! Can't touch this!)

Trust me, you don't want to touch this anytime soon. As Dave pointed out, when I do my own pedicures from now on, I'll go back to painting the toe, since the nail pretty much remains gone while I do any long distance running.

Oh joy.


Anonymous said...

Can you apply for a package deal? Bum + Toe surgeries simultaneously? Anything need attention a bit further up on the anatomy? :) The surgeons could party it up. It could be a multi-discplinary convention. Think of the possibilities!


Carroll said...

I'm thinking we'll be needing a close-up photo of your next pedicure, Anita. Maybe paint that one with a red cross??

And I totally love gk's suggestion. Might even make a good training video for collaborative medical procedures they could put up on YouTube :)

Anonymous said...

I was trying to find my comment to your post about your positive pregnancy test that didn't stick. i said that my faintly positive became increasingly more positive and seemd like it was sticking. Well, at 12 w 2 days, I had a little bleeding but there was a heartbeat and everything seemed ok. I went in for an ultrasound 2 days later and there was no heartbeat. Trying to avoid a d and c I have waited around with my sadly deceased baby for days, hoping she or he would pass. Sadly, tomorrow, at 13 weeks exactly, I will have the dreaded d and c. So my babies aren't sticking very well now either! :( -Erica

Anita said...

Oh, Erica, honey. I am so, so sorry.