Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Garden

I changed my mind: this is the time I like the garden the best. Maybe it has something to do with the fresh strawberries and asparagus we're harvesting right now.

And the fact that the weeds are still at bay.

And that the garden peas are thriving better than I've ever had before.

And that we have lettuce, beets, turnips and an amazing bed of onions growing heartily right now.

And that the herbs I planted as seeds are actually growing! Who knew!?

And that I just put in the tomato, pepper, and eggplant plants and they appear to be happy.

I still have the rest of the seeds to get in: the late freeze and my busy weekends mean that I'm behind on other important plantings, but I think it's not too, too late.

And the perenial garden is finally taking shape. There is greenery! There are flowers! There is a newly planted peony.

How do you say "Peony?" Big discussion in the house this weekend:

Northern way: Pee-ah-NEE
Southern way: Pee-OH-nee (sounds like pee-ON-me without that hard N in the middle. Figures, eh?!)

It's really pretty in our yard now. Yes, I do need to take pictures. And load them up. School will be out soon......

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