Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Everything Conceivably Annoying

No, I have not read the book yet, but if I hear one more story on NPR about Everything Conceivable and how horrible it is for older women to try to get pregnant and how multiples by older women are a threat to our society, I'm going to have to stage my own infertility clinic sit in.

Although the vast majority of stories this author has been on have been sensational, particularly for NPR standards (OLD!! INFERTILE!! WOMEN! BAD! TWINS! EVIL!!!!), the author on the Diane Rehm show was much more subtle in her criticisms and supportive of older women. (BTW, did you catch the show with Newt Gingrich last week....when he LEFT 40 minutes into the program?? Diane was LIVID!! I was stunned. What an a$$ he is/was.)

Anywho, it seems like since the miscarriage, there has been at least one story on the radio or in the paper about how older mothers are wrong and bad and shouldn't be supported. Well, folks, this is my life. This is the path I'm on. I didn't meet Dave 20 years ago, I met him 6 1/2 years ago. We got married 4 1/2 years ago and we had Conor just 3 years ago. And we want to have another baby. We're healthy, responsible, and just running into some bad luck. So another show on the evils of infertility and the older woman is going to get a earful from me.


(Oh, and I LOVED the comment from the beeyatch who said older women in infertility treatments are selfish and they should just adopt. Yeah, because those 14,000 infants available for domestic adoption are just growing on trees waiting for us to snap them up! And those 18 month to 2 year waits for international adoptions at over $20k are easy as pie, too.)

Phhhht again.


anita said...

Here's a more inspiring story Anita

niobe said...

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Older moms make happier, healthier, and smarter babies. Don't get mad. Make a leader.