Wednesday, November 01, 2006

You thought the other one was cute....well, HA! Let your eyeballs explode over this one, a full shot of cuteness!

He's so cute that you can almost understand Patches' obsession with his used pee-pee diapers. (Almost) And you would be, as we are, on the constant look out for Patches to be guiltily gnawing on said contraband diaper in his (not-so-) secret chewing spot. Or you might perhaps be as astonished as we have been at Patches forays into the potty after a successful pee-pee in the potty by Conor. I tell you, that one earns a jaw dropping, Holy-crap-that-dog-is-not-licking-my-face-again reaction.

But on to more polite conversation, how do we keep his curls so cute? I've taught Dave the curly haired secret and we both use it: 1) conditioner; 2) comb conditioner through hair in the bath; 3) never comb again until the next bath; and 4) dry gently with a towel. It keeps the curls mosty frizz free. Of course, if we moved out west, all of our hair would look better. But that's not so much an option right now.

I promise this is the last blast of cuteness you're going to have to endure for a while.


OneTiredEma said...

Ok, we do similar. Use a shampoo/conditioner combo, comb through in the bath or immediately after (when still wet) and no combing, ever, when it's dry. Miss M, however, loves to steal our hairbrushes and comb her hair "BY SELF!" (Disaster!)

But we also have the apartment overheating from hell in the winter, which can make a mess of anyone's hair/skin. Keep your fingers crossed for us. :-)

mc said...

More cuteness, please! I can. not. believe how big he is.

Anonymous said...

Ok, but, wait... do you rinse the conditioner out afterward? Or use the leave-in kind? I'm a curly-headed gal who USED to live out west but now has to deal with humid summers and then winters in an apartment with radiant heat, so I'm actually hopping up and down in my office with glee at the thought that there is a trick that might get the curls to stop frizzing!

Anita said...

yes, I do rinse out the conditioner afterwards, but not that well. (Not like we do the shampoo)

and we do use seperate conditioner shampoo, but I don't know if that makes a diff.

TiredEma/Kate, I'm thinking it's the extra brushing, but that's so cute, how could you stop her?!?!?

Carroll said...

Overwhelming cuteness!!!!!!

Nancy said...

OH.MY.GOD.THE.CUTENESS!!! I want to eat him. And those CURLS!! Oh the jealousy!!