Friday, November 03, 2006

In a World Where Scarlett is a Normal Cat

To get the full effect of that title, you need to imagine yourself in a darkened movie theater and that movie announcer who can scare the beegesus out of you is blooming over the speaker. You know who, the guy on the Geico commercial.

So, ummm, yeah. that's our world right now. We've switched from traditional clumping kitty litter to pine pellets. The clumping litter is supposed to be bad for cats in enclosed a LITTER BOX! (Think Asbestos for kitties) So we've switched.

And Duncan and Simba are not amused. We know this from the cat pee all over the bathroom rugs. We are clever that way. We're not switching back though. 1) They are dumb and they will forget their preferences. I love my cats, but considering both Simba and Duncan had traumatic kittenhoods and accidents/fights leading to potential brain injuries, they are not the sharpest tools in the shed, not the brightest bulbs on the tree, not the ripest tomato on the vine. Ummmm. ok, whatever. Scarlett is definitely not the sweetest treat in the pumpkin, but she is at least not peeing every where. And anyhoo, 2) we're used to pee problems. I know it's disgusting and makes you not want to come over, but we clean it up and petzyme the hell out of it.

Nonetheless, it still floors me when Scarlett aka Psycho Kitty, who hisses and swats at everyone but me, is the "normal" cat in the house. It just really makes me worry about what sort of hell I've descended into.

Speaking of hell, remind me next week to discuss what a joy it is to take progesterone supplements. That witch you saw circling our house a couple of weeks ago was not some prop for Halloween. That was me! Dave really had a lot of fun hanging out with me last week!!! Also, remind me to talk about how I really want to have another child. ((((sigh)))) I can't add much more to that right now.


Anonymous said...

I know it's a pain to switch, but once the cats DO forget their preferences, you will LOVE the pine pellets. I can't imagine going back to the clumping litter. :)

Anita said...

Anony, I forgot to add that we can use the pine pellets in our compost instead of throwing them away.

Glad for the endorsement. We really want to stick with these....

Anonymous said...

Did you try switching gradually. I think that's what they recommend. You know, substitute 1/4 of the litter with the new stuff, and then 1/2, etc. We use pine pellets too and it all goes into the garden when the kitty is finished. It's great.