Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My God(dess) I'm Busy

Just taking a quick break to do a mind dump on my blog.

First, it's raining like hell here. Our backyard is a flood zone, but my clever husband and clever brother have come up with an idea to fix this problem: a dry well, basically a hole of filled with rocks to contain and drain extra water. I'm probably describing it wrong, so more on that later.

Second, I hate progesterone (the Crinone 8% supplement thingy) and am going off of it after this month. I'm a witch on it on a good day. And last month I had every single pregnancy sympton in the book from tingly boobs, to nausea, to indigestion, to cramps to every frickin' thing that made me think I was pg and I was Not At All. I'm also too sad and emotional on the Crinone and that does no one any good. So bye-bye Crinone. Thanks for playing.

Third, I've started acupuncture again. I'm looking forward to being stuck with needles and taking a 45 minute nap for $75 a week.

Fourth, Dave arrived at daycare for the fall festival and thank god(dess) because Conor would have been the only (!) child without a parent otherwise. Yay for Dave!

Fifth, Char-Meck schools are featured on NPR today, both Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Long and short of it: our public schools suck.

That is it. I must go work on this paper despite my freezing hand and feet and then start prepping for T'day. I'm looking forward to the friends and family arriving, including Conor's "little" cousin who is about 8 months younger and the Exact. Same. Size. Conor's a giant among normal toddlers and the shrimp of the current grandchildren in Dave's family. They are freaky big. :-)

Eat, drink and merry out there y'all!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like going off the hormones is a good idea. I switched from the pill to other methods for the same reason, lo these many years ago. Made a big difference.

If it makes you feel any better (and I don't see why it would), it's even cold in Costa Rica this week.

Carroll said...

Not raining, and not cold in California (gloat ;)

Enjoy your family feast day, Anita. Stay safe, everyone!