Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Simba Louise

Well, I thought I'd saved a picture of Conor and his cousin Carter on the blog, but apparently, I did not.

So I will discuss all that cousin-y cuteness at a later date. (And there was MUCH cousin-y cuteness)

Instead, I will discuss Simba and the changes in the household. I guess the big news is that Simba is no longer my adopted kitty but is now my step-sister. Yes, she's been promoted. My parents adopted her on Thanksgiving day and the cat has not looked back yet.

We've been getting a little frustrated with the pee issues of which we are now quite sure she was involved. (Duncan was involved, too, but now that Simba's gone, Duncan is no longer peeing on everything either.) So, I joked to Mom and Dad about whether they'd like to take Simba home with them (their own tiny black cat had just died in the Spring and they've been lonely). I could barely get the words out of my mouth before they said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I had known they were going to say yes, I'm not sure I would have offered.

We knew it would be a good adoption. Simba could be number one kitty again. They could take her to the beach with them (she's a good rider) and travel about. And she's a very loving cat so Mom and Dad really like that too.

Of course, we had to warn them about her aggressive night loving. The cat does ever more love to sleep on top of someone's head. And being that my Dad is "folicularly challenged", we figured she'd hop up on the bed, see his shining head and assume that man needs some fur to keep himself warm. (She's not made it to bed with them, yet, but that's only a matter of time...)

What is so crazy that even with 2 other people and a toddler in our house after T'day, it was So Much More Quiet without Simba. No cat fights, no Collie cops enforcing the house rules, just people and two old quiet-ish kitties.

And the doggie door. The doggie door is back open. We've had it closed because Simba was the only cat who could figure out how to open it. But now it's back open and Patches is shooting and and out of it like he used to. I didn't realize how much I missed using the doggie door until I saw that Dave had opened it and I stared slack-jawed at it in relief.

Simba is a great cat. She is one of the most loving kitties we've had and if she ever wants to come live with us again, we'll welcome her with open paws. But now my Mom and Dad get to enjoy her and she gets to be the queen and we get to use the doggie door again.

Deep sigh indeed.

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