Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How Does your Garden Grow?

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. The garden is just starting to come in, the weeds are under control, it's not too hot so I can work out in the garden and not get cranky.

This us the view of the garden from the way back of the yard. That building is our garage/office. Yes, it does look like a little house which I why I luuuuurve my office.

The mass of greens is the asparagus. (it's ferning now). And the teepee structure is going to be our pole beans; we used a suggestion from kids gardening that should make that into a teepee for Conor to "play in" when the beans cover up the structure.

I think I ought to take more close up pictures of some of the plants because that's how I "see" them. I only rarely look at my garden like this from a distance--you can't see the tomatoes, the peas, the lettuce and the cutting garden from here. You can't even see the sunflowers all that well!!

In any case, I'm entering this blog from Flickr because I've yet to figure out how to copy the pictures from flickr to my blog. Carter, once again, how do I do that? In detail?

And those of you using sitemeter, have you also lost the ability to see your referrals? I can no longer see who gets here by google, so I can't tell if my phrases like "Red Hot Love Bunny" actually brings people here.

Back to work.


T. Carter said...

Okay ... is this detailed enough?

Method the First
1) In Flickr, go to the picture you want;
2) click on the "all sizes" tag above the picture;
3) pick the size you want (I tend to use either small or medium);
4) below the picture is the HTML to insert that size picture on you blog (the first box, the one that says "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage");
5) Go to Blogger;
6) Click on "New Post";
7) In the "Edit Html" window, paste the code from Flickr;
8) You may want to add <center>/</center> tags around the Flickr code to center the picture.

Method the Second
1-3) Same as steps 1-3 above;
4) look at the second box below the picture (labeled "Grab the photo's URL");
5) copy the URL;
6) In the "Edit Html" window in Blogger, click on the Add Photo icon (the one that looks like a picture);
7) in the "use a photo from the web" box, paste the Flickr URL and choose the layout you want from what Blogger offers ...

One of those two should do the trick for you ...

of, and the garden looks like you're off to a good start ... yum!

Carroll said...

Oh, I thought of you last weekend Anita when I was out admiring our azaleas. We have some blooming now that are simply HUGE - the flowers, I mean. Pale peach in the center with a wide rim of dark russet around the outside edge. You would love them. How did the ones you put in last year turn out this Spring?

Carroll said...

Ohy, and T. Carter? You are obviously a god. Were I a blogger, I would bow to you!

Carroll said...


Gah! Time to fire the typist!