Friday, May 12, 2006

Good Lord, I'm Busy

I just finished grading my finals today and turned in the grades. I've got another conference to go to next week that I've just finished preparing for. I'm just now going through my emails so if I owe you one, hang on.

I did take 10 minutes this morning to walk around the back yard and go "Holy Crap, I have a lot of work to do." The garden is coming in and I need to weed and thin some plants. The lettuce actually frightens me right now. (The good news is that the chard has finally decided to come in! WTF?! I planted it well over a month ago!)

I also scurried around the rest of the landscaping beds and decided that the scotchbroom are gorgeous (still blooming after 2 weeks) and I need to weed. The weeds are actually taunting me right now because I've missed two weekends of work. They are waving their tiny green hands in defiance. Little do they know that despite being "green" myself, tomorrow it should be warm enough to use Round Up. HA!

I'm liking the perennial garden that we started last spring along the garage. The problem is that I can't easily tell which are the weeds and which are the flowers I paid some bucks to plant. I've decided to be more lenient on my weeding until I can figure out which is which. I will post some pictures becuase I have to say I'm right proud of myself with how that looks. (BTW, another bird just hopped into my office and I had to tell him/her to skedaddle; this is going to be an issue, I can tell)

So what else is going on, your curious mind asks? Well, lots and if I was talented like Mimi or Julia, I'd weave a better story. But instead, here are the highlights:

Conor has discovered his p3enis. Yes, he found it a long time ago during diaper changing and bath time. But now, he has found it. And he likes It. A. Lot. It makes for some awkward moments during pre-bed breastfeeding (for me, not him). So I'm considering this through his eyes. (hands) If you found a new pleasure spot on your body wouldn't you poke it, too? For Pete's sake, this child loves his toes and plays with them every chance he gets. The only problem arises when he loosens his diaper too much and we have an accident like we did at 11:30 last night.

Our roommates are one of the best things that have happened to us since Conor started sleeping through the night. What? You forgot? About 6 weeks ago, my best friend and his partner moved in with us. They just moved here from out of state and we said "oh, come on! Stay with us until you find a house." They did find a house about 5 blocks from here (yay!) and will be moving in two weeks. We already know we're going to miss them. They may be surprised how much they are going to miss us! Last night, Dave and I came home about an hour and a half late. In addition, my friend Brian is away on a business trip. That left Arnie alone for the first time in 6 weeks. We came home to a freshly mown yard and sparkling clean kitchen. Arnie said "It was nice for 5 minutes and then I was bored! I had to do something!" Dang. You're right though: we're going to miss them more.

OK--catching up on email and then I may go threaten the weeds. They deserve it.


Piratewench said...

ah, weeds...I am beginning to believe they are an intelligent species committed to our misery...

Carroll said...

Happy Mothers' Day, Anita! May you enjoy many smooshy hugs and kisses from your sweet Conor boy :-)

Pandora said...

Oy, once they discover the bits it can be embarassing in public. It's difficult when they don't yet understand the concept of private behavior.

Regarding weeds, was it you who mentioned last year that you tried using newspaper under the mulch? I've got an area of grass I have to kill and I don't want to use chemicals. I was thinking that maybe newsprint with mulch on top would do the trick.