Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Greener Pastures

OK. So about our lawn and garden.

There is good news: the asparagus is doing really well and I now have a hedge of green ferns outside my office to keep me cool. We have a bumper crop of strawberries. I’m talking strawberries out the ying yang. For some reason, I didn’t think we would get so many strawberries this year, but they have decided this is the year to do their thang.

Our newly planted aucubas are doing nicely. These will grow enormous and provide privacy as well as block off some of our neigbor's back yard. The Scotchbroom are absolutely gorgeous and it looks like the blooms are hanging around for a while. (I'm trying to upload a picture of them, too, but I am too dull to do so). You can see them here.

And the perennial garden is also thinking about doing something, but it has a ways to go. And last but not least, the ligustrum at the back of the yard have trippled in size from last year. They will also make a good privacy hedge.

The Bad News: Only 3 of our eight azaleas look like they might make it to next week. The others have once again succomed to root fungus or something like that. The Osmanthus Fortuni ($300!) is about to die, too. Those plants are all together and I just think it's too wet where they are. The chard has done diddly squat this year and the okra had to be replanted. We've lost two lenten roses (at $10 each!). The other 9 look healthy though (that was a lenten investment).

It continues to stun me how much time keeping the garden up can take and how much I would to do it if I didn't have something called a "job" and a "child" to tend to also.

OK. I'm supposed to be reading three articles for my conference this week instead of trying to figure out how to post pictures on this. Does anyone else have any clues on posting more than one flickr picture up here??

Back to work, to pick up my little smoochie and to make 50 clove garlic chicken tonight. Stop by and watch our Buffy impressions later on.


Melissa said...

Your strawberries look delish (you should sell them. To people like me!)

Do any of your plants have guarantees? We are redoing our front beds and I'm scared to put anything substansial in there - I have a knack for killing things.

mc said...

I have no clue on the Flickr thing, but can I tell you how jealous I am of the fact that you have STRAWBERRIES already? We won't get them until the end of next month. No, I am not kidding. Wah.

T. Carter said...

Our strawberries are in the flower stage right now and look to be quite a lot this year, so your pic has me drooling ... as for the Flickr thing, how are you putting the pics in?

I just pick the code for the size I want to use from Fickr and paste it in to the Blogger compose screen (actually into Word since I usually compose there and then past into Blogger, but six/half dozen ...)

KCB said...

Wow! I've got berry envy! What did you do to get all those strawberries?

karen said...

I was listening to a conversation about azaleas last week. The two having the discussion were talking about how azaleas like water, but they like drainage. I wonder if you have a spot where you can plant them on a hilly part, where the water will run down? I have three and they do fairly well, even though they had a fungus the second year. I got some powder-y fungus killer and doused them. One of my azaleas is lazy and only blooms every other year, and late at that. Kind of like an ADHD student.

karen said...

When you figure out how to do multiple photos, let me know. I did tell you I never have had success. Carter should be able to give us a tutorial, I'm thinkin'