Monday, December 15, 2008

Waist Not, Rock Not

The pebble in Conor's ear was not too big of a deal.  He was very upset that he had done something wrong.  And quite scared when the doctor had to pull it out.  He said it hurt coming out, but I'm sure it was more of the loud sound of it moving around in his ear that was more frightening.  

There was a moment when the doc was having problems that she intimated that we might have to take it up a notch with a more specialized doctor if she couldn't get it out.  (Do pediatric ENTs specialize in rock removal?!)  Fortunately, she got it out, we put it in a specimen bottle, and she marked to visit with the code "Foreign Object Removal Ear."  I find that amusing.  It's obviously not even close to being a rare event in the pediatrician's office.  

As far as what once was my waist, at 9 1/2 weeks pregnant I am fully in maternity clothes.  I had lost about 10 lbs over the summer and so I was thinking that I could wear my fat clothes in the early pregnancy.  However, they are falling right off of me when I put them on.  (Even colleagues note that "Dude, those pants are way too big.") And I can't wear my regular clothes because I cannot button the tops of my pants.  

And I know that even though there are two in there, my uterus is still not big enough for me to be "showing."  What's up?

Apparently, my uterus, although still small and not visible, is pushing my internal organs around.  Thus, my waist is much bigger than it normally is at this weight.  Even worse, I think it's obvious that, because of this spring's surgery, my belly button is the weak part of my stomach.  Indeed, my belly button has almost already popped.  9 1/2 weeks!  And my belly button has almost popped!  Ugh.  I'm just not envisioning my belly to be the prettiest thing ever seen, what with the enormous scars from the surgery making a smiley face around my belly button and the black and blue track marks from the Lovenox. It causes my dear loving husband to shudder sometimes.  Anyone want to venture a guess on what the heck my scars are going to do as my belly expands with two babies?  I'm voting Not Pretty, whatever it turns out to be.  

Oddly, I look much thinner in the maternity clothes than I do in my regular clothes, so I'm psyched about that.  (Buttons not straining to reach and all that, I suppose)  So I guess there is a silver lining here anyway.  And Conor's rock is out of his ear. That could have ended up being a much worse story than it did.  Thank goodness.


OneTiredEma said...

Dresses? (Not maternity, just ones that don't have a waist.)

Anonymous said...

Whew on the rock removal. I was too busy to comment on that last post, but very happy to hear that it had a happy ending!

As for your waistline? Gosh, I guess all that ice cream is doing what it's supposed to :-)

Carroll (on Blogger's $h!t list again for some reason. Why, WHY does it suddenly cast me aside for no known reason every couple of weeks?? Arghhh!)

Blaine said...

When I was little (probably Conor's age)I put a button in my ear and I was absolutely terrified to tell my mom. I contemplated telling her it "fell in there" - I had to get Foreign Object Removal Ear as well.

Piratewench said...

I wonder why Conor would even put a rock in his

When I was a kid, my mom had to bring me in to have a wheel, from a "hot wheels" car, removed from up my nose. I also got a wad of kleenex stuck in my ear. Let's see...swallowed a marble, drank a glass of Pinesol (looked like apple juice) and got my stomache pumped, got a clothespin wedged between my eyball and socket...I think that so far, we have both been lucky with very few "events."

Anonymous said...

As for the clothes -- look into a Bella Band. They can be lifesavers! (knock-offs are available on ebay or at BRU I believe)

My nephew had a rock taken out of his ear -- on three different occasions. When asked why -- he said it was because there was wax in his ears, so he wanted to get it out with the rock and chase the other kids as school with it to make them smell it because it smelled bad. Three times??

I'm glad it all ended well!