Friday, December 07, 2007

Pandora Radio

On Weds, my students told me about Pandora Radio. It's a web site that serves as your own personal radio. You type in an artist or a song and they'll develop a playlist of music similar to the song/artist you like. You can further refine it by giving particular songs Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down.

The nice thing is that it introduces you to new music and musicians similar to the ones you like already.

It does not suck, which is one the highest compliments we give in the south. (Like when I saw Andy Garcia on my morning jogs in Toluca Lake and thought "That man is NOT ugly.")

Let me know what you think.


helen said...

sounds a great site, but is US only :-(

Anita said...


That sucks!!!

kkjayne said...

When I first found it a year or so ago it was available world-wide and I enjoyed it but then there was licensing issues or some such thing so they had to limit it to US. Bummer for the rest of us.

Jennifer said...

Heh. As you've already been apprised, Pandora used to not suck, but if you're not in the US, now it does :(

lisa said...

It sucks with dial-up too. I might be able to enjoy it after January though!!! :)

Victoria said...

*giggling* I does not suck. =)