Friday, December 21, 2007

The Fish Who Would Not Die

Sergio has made an amazing comeback. He's eating again and swimming around and his fins are spread out. Who knew that we'd have our own Monty Python character living in a fishbowl?

So have you heard of Pingu? Last year, Conor's cousin Carter brought out a DVD of favorite TV shows and within it was a sample of the Pingu animations. I LOVE Pingu! It's one of the shows Conor watches that Dave and I like to watch. (Go! Diego! Go! Not so much)

As part of our Holiday wishes to you, we invite you to watch a Pingu Video (ironically of Pingu fishing).

And then when you see Conor and he goes "QUACK QUACK!!" and pulls his hand away from his mouth like he's playing a trombone, you will realize that he's trying to talk like Pingu. (Although Pingu says NOB! NOB!!)


Carroll said...

Merry Christmas, Anita. May you and your good family have an abundance of love, and all things that make you happy at this festive time of year!

monica said...

If he loves Pingu - Try My 3yo loves that online video game (we are still on the free service). She'll be playing it for 2 hours while I do my work. (It's one of Disney's online ventures. - ps: I'm not a fan of Disney)
Anyway, I set up a navigational website for her. It's perfect for preschoolers. you'll be amazed how quickly they get the internet.