Monday, June 11, 2007

The Sorpanos

I thought it was brilliant.

Yes, both Dave and I stared at the screen thinking out loud "Did the cable just go out? You have GOT to be kidding me!" Dave was the first to figure out it was actually over.

I think the ending means one of two things:

1) Tony died and was whacked by the guy going to the bathroom.

2) Life just goes on. Tony is always going to be paranoid, looking at everyone as possible assassigns. The kids are going to stay in the family business (they both sold out). And Carmella is never going to leave.

But it doesn't matter does it? Aren't the best books you've ever read the ones where you have several ending options to choose from and you really don't know which one is "true?" None are true. All are true.

I thought the ending of that series was brilliant.

Who else thought their cable went out?


Piratewench said...

We thought our disk malfunctioned. So we recorded the next showing and that one actually cut off before the ending anyway. So, I still wasn't sure until I just read your blog. I love that you thought it was brilliant. I was just frustrated. I guess I can live with it though, after reading your spin on it.

Anita said...

Dave definitely didn't think it was brilliant either!