Sunday, June 24, 2007

More on Mom Jeans

I was grocery shopping today, when a Mom approached me.

"I want to ask you a strange question," she said, her teenage daughter stayed in the background, mortified that her mother was speaking, much less to a stranger.

"Ok," I replied.

"Where did you get those jean shorts? I bought some 4 years ago, and I just can't find any to replace them! I love them!"

Her daughter is now wishing she could melt into the floor because not only is her Mom a) talking, b) to a stranger, but also c) asking where she can buy some Mom jeans.

"Kohls," I smiled and answered wondering if I should tell her just what type of jeans these are and that she really, really shouldn't buy any if she wants to maintain any credibility with her daughter.

How do I know these are Mom jeans? I raised my shirt and asked Dave to spot my belly button. It was not visible. That's the sign of Mom jeans.

Also, if you think I'm going to post a picture of my ginourmous boo-tay in a pair of Mom jeans on the internets for the world to see, you need to cut back on the amount of vodka you're drinking before noon! :-)


Anonymous said...

You're the psych master, but don't tight jeans/trousers increase the tone of the sympathetic nervous system? They squeeze the internal organs and prevent the diaphragm from functioning properly. I think the comfort a person feels wearing 'mom jeans' has something to do with this. Mom jeans are calming.

Remember the women with the wasp waists and their 'vapours' and 'hysteria'? Extreme by today's standards of course. Women are not routinely fainting these days. But they are having way too much anxiety when wearing tight clothing.

Anita said...


Is that you?!?!?! :-)

I've missed hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah yeah..... c'est moi.

I'm reviewing the nervous system which means, of course, I see way too many connections all over the place. The Sympathetic Nervous System is also called the ThoracoLumbar Nervous system. Bears thinking about doesn't it? If you want to be a CoolMama, wear your clothing loose. ;)

I'm much more relaxed at work now that I wear trousers with elastic waists.

Carroll said...

Ohhh, low blow with the vodka comment, Anita! Were I on vacation, in Hawaii, maybe, just *maybe* I could be found imbibing before noon -- your time. But the potion of choice would absolutely (heh, not absolut-ly) be rum not vodka. I'm just not trendy enough to have joined the vodka 'tini crowd.

But OK, we'll give you a pass on the pants photo post. I tell ya, though, when mothers of teenage daughters risk the entire relationship to approach you with that kind of're looking just fine!

Karen said...

I'm not giving you a pass...pony up the photos, psycho-Anita!

Piratewench said...

To all those teenage daughters embarrassed about their mom's "mom jeans"...I have two words..."muffin tops"...need I say more?