Friday, June 22, 2007

My Momness

Yes, I do realize that we are still within spitting distance of Father's Day and on this vacation, we have officially declared this as Father's Week, which unfortunately does NOT mean Dave does everything, but instead, we dance around him singing his praises as the best Daddy in our little family. Although I'd like to point out that we might do this on a regular occassion more than other families, this is still Father's Week, and there you go.

However, this is my blog. And now we shall discuss some recent Mom-moments in my own life. Actually, I should call them Mama-moments because 1) I'm southern and that's what we call the maternal ones in our families and 2) I've just graduates from Mommy to Mama around here and I'm pretty excited.

So what are my Mama-moments? First, Conor is going poopie in the pottie and I am So Proud. We've made great strides in pottie training-dom of late. Something just "clicked" in Conor's head and he decided he was ready for underwear at school and has focused very hard on only peeing on the potty. Yes, we've had a few accidents, but for the most part, he's, ahem, hit the target. Yes! Standing pee-pees! Making bubbles! And yes, even further, trees in our back yard have been involved and thank God, the neighbors do not appear to mind. Or at least, they have not verbalized their minding. To us. Although that one time I ran out of the house with a naked Conor at 7:30 pm so he could pee on a tree because he was refusing to pee in the potty might have been a wee bit too much.

Anyhoo, poopie in the potty has been a lot harder. Literally. So we bought some magical medicine (prune) juice when we got to the beach and have had some fantastic success down here. We've also learned that there has to be privacy involved with poopie on the potty, which was a bit of a surprise since we have had no privacy on the potty since Conor learned to walk. Potty is a bit of a spectator sport around here what with the cat, the dog, the 2 year old and bathrooms doors that don't lock much close well enough for a cat not to be able to push them open. So finding out that the door Must Be Closed for our little man to poop was shocking. Of course, as soon as the event is accomplished, we hear a tiny "I DID it!!!!" and we must enter in, clap our hands, and do the poopie dance of joy.

Of course, poopie on the potty is more of a life changing event for Conor not for me. What makes this a Mama-moment for me is how proud I am of him. Actually, how I beamed at my little guy's major accomplishment. The self-pride on his face just floors me. It becomes to my own pride in the pride of himself. It doesn't matter if he had just learned to tie his own shoe and showed that much pride over what he did: I would be just as over the moon in seeing him be happy in himself.

My other recent Mama-moment is much less glamorous. We were walking along some shops here and I saw some cute girl walking by in her fashionable low cut short-shorts. And then it hit me why I have looked for so long and have fallen in massive love with my new clothes from Kohls that I bought last week. They are mom-jeans. Actually, mom-shorts. But the essential feature is the same: the waist is at the waist. They are loose in the belly and the booty. Not only do I wear Mom-jeans. I like them. They feel more comfortable. I am old. I am old and I wear Mom-jeans.

Mama-moments for me.


Carroll said...

Uhm, I believe we'll be needing a picture to go along with this post, Anita -- and I don't mean of Conor on the potty!

Mama shorts, eh? HOT!

Piratewench said...

Amen sister!!! That's what it's all about!

Elizabeth said...

Funny, around here, I graduated from Mama to Mommy.