Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Adoption Support Meeting

We went to our first adoption support group meeting last night.

And we learned a very important fact from the pediatrian giving the talk:

Apparently, Benardyl and Dramamine are the same thing. And Benadryl is much cheaper.

Who knew?


Piratewench said...

I knew. Not only that, but Benadryl is also the same drug that they put in over-the-counter sleep aids. Best price is at Costco.

Carroll said...

Wikipedia has an informative discussion (though lacking citations) of Dimenhydrinate, but more to the point, I am having considerable difficulty figuring out how a pediatrician presenting about adoption, would have worked that topic into the relevant subject material. Getting adoptees to sleep on long plane rides from foreign countries, perhaps? Color me curious.

niobe said...

Yes, and (as carroll said), the relevance of that particular fact is...?

Rachel said...

Man, I've wasted a ton of money.

Anita said...

I forgot to respond last night.

She was proving information on what to take when you go on your overseas trip in an international adoption. Antibiotics were also included in her recommendation. But she's a big fan o' the benadryl.

Lisa said...

The CM ttc'ers miss you! If you're bored and want to join the temp site, it's

If not, CM should be back up Tuesday. We've all been thinking about you lots. I'm sorry to read that your line got lighter. :(

Carroll said...

Happy Father's Day, Dave! You and Conor? The best!!