Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

I have no idea why Sergio, our betta, is still alive. He barely moves and hangs in very unusual positions in the water. Yet, he lives. We're happy to keep him around as long as he wants to hang with us. I'm not looking forward to the Big Flush.

Britney Spears is losing it/has lost it. It's pathetic that I think about this sort of thing, but I do. A lot.

Conor does well with just giving him two choices (see Baby No). Nonetheless, we still have issues with Do you want Milk or Juice? And going through the "Milk! NO! Juice! NO!" routine. We've made some breakthroughs on the getting dressed routine. Let's just say this: if you see two old haggard parents carrying a naked child in a coat and hat to daycare, you'll know he called our bluff. So far, he can't stand the thought of leaving the house naked and when we just stop trying to "make him" get dressed he wants to get dressed.

I'm not pregnant this month. I'm not upset, but I'm starting to get frustrated now.

I actually had a brillant post that I forced myself to remember before I fell to sleep last night and now, of course, I can't remember it, but I felt compelled to post something anyway.

I'm sure it will return to me as soon as I leave the computer. Lately, that has been when most of my brillant thoughts occur.....

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