Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jump Up and Down

For the last year or so, Conor's daycare has been singing this song in which they pick a child's name and sing to him/her to jump up and down. It is absoluetly adorable. I was going to the gym (conveniently located by Conor's daycare) and saw one of the little girls jumping up and down as hard as she could as the teacher sang to her. We've seen our neighbors, whose daughter is in the same daycare, jumping up and down with their daughter in the front yard. We've done it ourselves on multiple occassions.

So I've put it on video. Three times. For various reasons, each video has its strengths and weakness. But put together, you can see that we have complete control over our son, at least in terms of singing this song goes.

Video #1: Conor in his sock monkey pajamas and matching robe.

Video #2: Conor with a new Duck call jumping up and down. Patches wanted to help.

Video #3: Sideways Conor Jumping Up and Down. Cutest one, but you have to turn your head.

BTW, at the end of them, what he is saying is "I want to see!"

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Nancy said...

Cute, cute, CUTE! The Alien loved it too. She is signing "more, more." Also, if you press "ctrl + alt" and an arrow key, it will turn your image so you don't have to turn your head.