Monday, February 05, 2007

Death and, then, Life

I couldn't stop crying over this article in the NY Times this morning. A few months ago, the Times featured an article about children sold into slavery in poor countries by their parents. Their new owners would then work the children for ungodly hours and then beat them severely when the children didn't work. (I'm talking children 6 years old here).

While I read the article and thought "Why won't they let me adopt one of these children now?", a couple in Missouri read the story and decided to buy these children out of slavery and put them in an orphanage.

You see, this couple lost their son a few years ago to an undetected heart ailment. They decided to honor their son's life by saving the lives of as many other children as they could. So, they are doing what they can where they can to help other children live and have better lives.

That's pretty effing amazing.

Here is a link to the couple's charity.

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