Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The More Things Change.....

Well, I'm back in the hospital.

The urine dip stick thingy at the doctor's came back at +3 and they just sent me stright to the hospital. Once here, my blood pressure has been elevated but stable. I'm on another 24 hour urine collection thingy to see how much protein I'm dropping. The good news is that the urine dips have all been +1 today instead of the +3 yesterday. Hopefully, the 24 count is not too crazy.

I would have written a happier blog because my regular OB has been thinking I can be in here for a while--that is, delivery is not imminent. But then I just saw the high risk dude who thinks that 34 weeks is "good enough" and that my blood pressure is high and he wants to deliver sooner rather than later. I do not want to be "good enough." I want best for my babies and for me.

His daughter was delivered at 34 1/2 weeks and everything was just fine for them, so there shouldn't be a problem for us, either. It annoys me. We'll see what my OB says.

The good news is that Peanut (the girl) is now over 5 lbs and Squiggle (the boy) is 6 lbs 5 oz. I think that's an overestimate for him. He has not gained one pound in one week. I just don't believe it. But I bet he is over 6 lbs. 11 lbs of babies in my belly feels about right. I hope I can get last night's belly shots uploaded tonight. I am ENORMOUS.

On a weirder, but cooler note, I have interacted with 3 other Anita's today. My nurse is Anita. My dietician is Anita. The ultra-sonographer is Anita. And here we have me. 4 Anitas in one place. The world will explode!!!

I'll wait and see what the protein results are and what my regular OB says. I am NOT going to let them delivery me tomorrow just because the babies are in a "good enough" place.


Becky VanCise said...

Oh Anita! although it sucks to be in there you and the babies couldn't be in a better place. Let me know if you need anything. I love those ladies on the special care ward!! I was there about 4 weeks. I cannot believe you are 34 weeks already!! It seems like yesterday when you announced. :)

Becky (beckru on CM)

Evelin said...

Good luck! I'm checking in on you daily (and so is Carter) and I hope to have a few more weeks of preggo updates ... (this is a selfish thing, really)

Kim said...

I pray you have all the wisdom you need right now! What a big decision!

Karen said...

Man I was glad to see your update. I've been worried about the radio silence!