Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Felled by Gonzaga

We took this picture the first night in the hospital not knowing if this would be our last one. I'm nearly 34 weeks here. And if you do not think I am enormous, you are not paying attention.

Honestly, my belly is so big, I am bruising my thighs. When I get out of bed, my enormous rock hard belly squeezes/pinches my thighs down onto the bed as I stand up. As a result, my inner thighs are injured by my big, fat belly.

I can also barely waddle. My pubic bone joint is injured and I cannot take full steps any more. So I walk/waddle in tiny little steps to get from the bed to the toilet, my main exercise for the day. I am a vision of super model loveliness, let me tell you.

So what's the reference to Gonzaga? Well, I came up with what I think is an apt analogy of what we're doing right now. In this analogy, I am Chapel Hill/Carolina and this is the NCAA tournament. My focus is and has always been on defeating Duke (DOOK!) in the finals, essentially going to 37 weeks or before. However, any good basketball fan knows that you focus on the game at hand and not the ultimate game. Otherwise, your current opponent will whip your ass, and you'll show up on the sports shows as the Big Upset of the tournament.

Week 34 is Gonzaga. I want to beat Gonzaga. I could beat Gonzaga on most days. But Gonzaga can be a formidable underdog and have beaten better teams than I. So yes, Gonzaga has a real chance of winning this game. As of today, the game has started. By the weekend, we'll be in half-time and we can see how things are going. Or Gonzaga may kick my ass so bad in the next couple of days, they call the game in Gonzaga's favor. Or my body commits so technical foul and we get thrown out of the game. Either one of these options is possible.

Should we be so fortunate to beat Gonzaga this week, we can move forward in the tournie. Any suggestions who Week 35 should be? I was thinking an ACC team (besides DOOK) but I can expand my mind.

So far today, my BP has been reasonable. I didn't gain any weight over night (that's been 2 days now that I haven't gained weight---very good for the edema). I think that we should be able to get the game started against Gonazaga and then we can figure out our strategy for the rest of the first half.


Carroll said...


Really, this is such a great attitude, Anita.

I once heard a very apt comparison between life and a baseball game.
Pregnancy is pre-season, and generally, life lasts about nine innings. By the time you hit the 4th or 5th inning, sometimes you have a pretty good idea as to how the game is going to turn out. But sometimes there are comebacks, and/or surprises along the way. By the bottom of the 9th, almost always the game is nearly over. But then, there are those occasional overtime extra innings...

I've got no suggestions up my sleeve, but I would bet big bucks you are going to beat Gonzaga!

OneTiredEma said...

Michigan State?

MoDLin said...

So glad to hear you're still coasting along. GREAT!!!