Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh, Yeah, The Snoring

I forgot in the post, while focusing on how tired I am, how sleeping with twins is going.  I can assure you, Dave has not.

So, um, yeah.  I snore a bit now.  When we were first married, Dave said I snored like a kitten.  He was very much in love then.  Things have definitely changed.  

I woke up the other night and Dave was smothering himself with a pillow.  Actually, we was trying to sleep with a pillow on the top of his head because my snoring was so loud, it was waking him up.  The other night, he said he just started laughing because he had never heard such a loud sound coming from another human being.  Such a delicate flower of pregnancy, I am.  

I have also been having major pains in my hips while I sleep.  Then I figured out that's why they recommend pillows for pregnant women.  As long as I put my top leg on a pillow, I don't have pain.  No pillow, great pain.  Poor Dave is hanging on for his life on his side of the bed.  I try to move the pillows from one side to the other when I turn to give him more room, but there is a great deal of grunting involved.  I'm not sure that's a real improvement.

And the final sleep yucky part is the 1:30 to 2:00 am acid stomach. Oddly, when I roll over to my left side (the side you're supposed to sleep on when you're pregnant), my God(dess), the acid that comes up to my mouth.  Invariably, I lie there debating about whether to let acid burn in my throat or waddle downstairs and get the tums.  Usually, I waddle.  But I will be really happy to not have acid in my mouth every night.  It's not nearly as much fun as it sounds.  

I'm sure none of these issues have anything to do with the fatigue I feel throughout the day.  Not at all.  No sirree.  My less than ideal sleeping has nothing to do with my desire for 2 naps a day.  


Carroll said...

Oh, Anita. I'm very sure Dave is mistaken. Certainly you are simply purring (albeit loudly) with maternal contentment, right?

Scott said...

Ear plugs that is what Lisa uses. Guess I snore a little, Ok a lot, Maybe Dave can try that. I have awaken the whole house. Try the ear plugs.

anne said...

When I was pregnant with my oldest, I had the worst acid reflux. There was a perminent tub of Tums on my nightstand, another by the kitchen sink and atleast 3 rolls in my purse. Sooooo glad those days are past.


Evelin said...

Carter once mistook a foghorn for my snoring. Really.

Hey, here's an idea, bring the tums upstairs!!

Piratewench said...

My acid reflux was so bad that I was allowed to take Zantac. Tums didn't really do anything for me, although I did use them just for the extra calcium.

I had so much trouble sleeping at night and fumbling with the proper placement of pillows. The best thing I did for myself was to buy one of those expensive body pillows for pregnant women...the big U shaped one. That way, it didn't matter which way I turned, I had pillow on both sides of me. And yes, I slept predominantly to the left, but you need a little break and relief from that every now and then.

If it gets unbearable, you might look into it...sure takes a lot of room on the bed though, so be forwarned. Also, there were times when I had to pull rank on my other family members to get it back...LOL!