Monday, March 16, 2009

Annoyed and Annoying

I had no intention of starting this blog with this level of crankiness.  We've moved into the rental and truly love it.  It's cute; it's bigger; it's on a cool street with lots of young families.  We're getting some ideas for our remodel (like the closet under the stairs).  Generally, the move has gone well.  


We are STILL having problems with the effing credit reports.  Despite Citibank's assurance that the problems were fixed and the new improved info should be at the credit bureaus in a few days, my calls to two of the credit bureaus still showed the same problems.   We've now started disputes of the disputes  and some of  these people (ok, one in particular) thinks that I'm lying when I say that Citibank was supposed to have fixed it already.   I have a call into W--- to see if she can help us out again or give us advice.  

Can I just say that some folks are better customer service agents than others?  Well, trust me.  It is true.  And I am CRANKY lately.  I mean cranky.  I am ready to open up a can of twin pregnancy whoop ass without much provocation at all.  I even mouthed an angry FUCK YOU to a colleague who, upon observing me wheezing after climbing a flight of stairs, condescendingly told me that walking is good for me.  

RIGHT, jerk.  That's why all my twin pregnancy books explicitly say that twin gestators should NOT take the stairs.

So, um, yeah!

I am a joy to be around.  It doesn't help that I often long for a nap by the middle of the day.  And unpacking is a sure fire way to start up a series of Braxton Hicks.  This morning's call to the nurse revealed that using my stomach muscles can irritate my ute enough to start the Braxton Hicks.  So I can't really bend over much any more without ending up on the sofa on my left side constantly poking my belly to see if is hard or soft.  

And the babies are moving around tons (yay!!!) but there is some position they take that puts a lot of pressure and pain on my pubic symphysis. I had this problem with Conor so I know what it feels like.  But essentially, the joint over my hooha hurts.  There's nothing bad for the twins or for me in this.  But one never really enjoys a painful hooha joint, so there.    

So there you go.  There have been a lot of emotional ups and downs lately.  I know it's going to work out in the end, but the day to day can be annoying.  Just in case you are wondering, I still believe that remodeling (like life) is a trek from Point A to Point B.  And just like life, the journey is not straightforward.  

I feel better!  Thanks for letting me turn this blog entry into a bitch and moan session.  Now it's time for my nap.  

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Anonymous said...

Hey, that's what we're here for. And I think that for the sake of solidarity I might even have to nap right along with you today. How's *that* for empathy across the miles?? :-)