Monday, August 18, 2008

Back on Track

Well, we're back from the CA trip. We were supposed to stay until Thursday, but since, uhhh, THAT PART FELL THROUGH, we came back early. We still went to attend my conference and see some friends.

We also went to Disneyland on my birthday. I cannot explain to you how wonderful it was to be at Disneyland for Conor's first trip on my birthday. (BTW, did you know you get a button for your birthday at Disney and you can adjust your age so that "all your dreams come true?" Very nice) Conor rode his first roller coaster (fun!), saw Minnie and Micky(fun! fun!) and saw his first parade in which a trombone player played specifically to Conor while Conor grinned and squirmed and died of embarrassed excitement. I know that the band members know that it's fun for the crowd to see that, but I guarantee they have no idea just how much it makes the parents' hearts swell to see this.

We also went to the beach in San Clemente, and I spent more time in the (frigid-oh-my-god-did-I-just-run-into-an-iceberg-go-on-without-me-and-save-yourself, Rose) water that day than I ever spent in the 10 years I lived in Los Angeles. Conor rode a boogie board and even fell over a few times without freaking out too much.

And on the day we were traveling back, we got a call from our cat/dogsitter that Patches wasn't eating or playing and Scarlett was peeing outside the box--a sign from our last trip that she was very sick. They very, very kindly took Scarlett to the animal hospital and we just prayed that both of them would make it by the time we came back. Early. Without a baby. No wonder why I was so weepy on the flight back, eh?

Patches is doing much better and is playing and happily eating again. I picked up Scarlett from the vet and I learned how to give her Sub-Cutaneous shots of fluids to keep her kidneys clean (for $80 a month! yikes!!) We've also decided that we can't leave the animals alone for this long again. So, Mom and Dad....stay free in October! The grandcat and the granddog and the grandkid are going to need you to babysit them while we make our I-hope-to-God, gods, and goddesses-last-trip-for-a-while to get pregnant.

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gabi said...

Howdy from the cat hospice.... yeah... KikiKat gets Ringer's solution but she also gets 2.5 mg Benazepril (ACE inhibitor) 1 - 2 mg Prevacid daily. No carbs. The vet wanted me to feed her a low protein diet. Nope. I won't go there. Fancy Feast with 1/3 of a can of water added to it. Even 9 Lives catfood is excellent. Has no cereal fillers in it.

Once per week she gets 250 IU Erythropoeitin (Eprex) sub cutaneously to stimulate the bone marrow so she produces red blood cells so her nose is pink, not white.

She also gets a cat vitamin/mineral/amino acid supplement 5 times per week crushed into some watered down catfood.

I wrap her in a towel so she's a Purrito when she gets her catfood/medication combo. She won't eat it like her older brother and sister do.

I've been treating her since January when her kidneys shut down. She's doing really well and behaves like a young cat.

It's a total discipline job and I can't take any vacations away from home.

N.B. I'm not a 'cat person' but I've got 4 sick 'should be dead by now' cats.

If you need any assist on information, just ask.