Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello Dolly!

We' re heading down to Texas for about a week for my good friend's wedding. Everyone keeps asking us "Where exactly in Texas are you going?"

We respond "To the southern-most point. Pretty much on the boarder with Mexico."

Now, you will know exactly where we're going: simply follow Hurricane Dolly's path and you will know where we're going to be.

We have decided, what with the 100% chance of heavy rain and wind, to skip going to South Padre Island on Wednesday. Nonetheless, we're going to run like bunnies from San Antonio to our hotel on Tuesday to get in before the hurricane hits. Otherwise, we're not how easily it will be to make it there.

Hopefully, it will be a wimpy hurricane and not do any real damage. If it isn't, Dave and I will be able to share our own experiences with our Frontier House Honeymoon and reassure them that something funky always happens in a wedding, and if yours is a hurricane, well, the grandkids are going to love that story.


Carroll said...

T'heck with the hurricane -- how's your HAIR??!

OK, fine. Good luck with the hurricane thing too.


Stay safe!

Anita said...

Well, hair is slightly better. I've been washing it a lot and it is getting lighter. I'm also going to a different person is 3 months and say MAKE ME BLOND!

gabi said...


Ah, the Pamela Anderson effect.

Wear tight T shirts.

Blond hair creates optical delusions.